Plane mask welding

Ultrasonic equipment manufacturers have a large number of 20K + 15K ultrasonic mask machines, welding machines, plastic welding machines and non-woven fabric welding machines in stock.

Wave generation modemodelfrequencyUltrasonic powerPreloading timeWelding timePressure holding timePower Supply
Gap wave generationK2020A20kHz2000W0.01~9.9s0.01~9.9s0.01~9.9s220V~50Hz
Continuous wave generationK1526A20kHz2600W0.01~9.9s0.01~9.9s0.01~9.9s220V~50Hz

Ultrasonic welding will make the mask extra soft and comfortable. Even in the case of high-speed continuous production, the multi-layer structure can be firmly connected together to achieve excellent respiratory permeability. It can also easily fix the elastic band.

 Technical advantages

1.Configuration of the whole system (one for two): 1 set of 15K + 4 sets of 20K (including transducer, electric box and die welding head)

2. High performance welding machine with high working efficiency.

3. The intelligent control welding machine makes the operation easier.

4. Intelligent welding machine is more suitable for assembly line operation.

5. Intelligent welding machine saves labor cost.

6. Adapt to various sizes of welding dies and different design dies.

7. Application of mass mask production line.

8. Advanced technology, good reliability and universality.

9. A large number of spot stock, short delivery time.

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