What should I do if the "ultrasonic welding machine" is damaged during debugging?



When the staff uses the ultrasonic welding machine to debug, there will also be some problems. In fact, after the plastic parts are opened, breakage and damage will occur during ultrasonic welding and debugging, which requires solving these problems from the following aspects.


If ultrasonic welding is damaged during debugging, it can be dealt with as follows:

First check the ultrasonic welding head and fixture

In fact, ultrasonic welding heads and fixtures often require complex three-dimensional surface shapes and machining accuracy, and the staff is ensuring the accurate positioning of plastic parts during welding. When the shape or curvature of the welding head and the fixture is inconsistent with the plastic product, it will cause the plastic part to bear extra force and be easily broken during welding.


2. When adjusting the process parameters, it is necessary to better adjust the ultrasonic welding energy

The energy of ultrasonic welding is related to the following factors.

1. To reduce the welding energy, you can adjust the relevant process parameters or modify the welding head;

2. To reduce the descending speed, adjust it directly on the ultrasonic welding machine;

3. To shorten the welding time, make adjustments directly on the ultrasonic welding machine.

4. To reduce the welding frequency, it may be necessary to replace the ultrasonic welding machine;

5. To reduce the welding amplitude, it may be necessary to replace or modify the welding head;

6. To reduce the power, the parameters can be adjusted directly on the ultrasonic welding machine;

7. To reduce air pressure (or pressure), make adjustments directly on the ultrasonic welding machine.


In fact, it is not the best solution to reduce the energy of ultrasonic welding only by adjusting the main parameters of the processing technology. Therefore, in more cases, after the main parameters of the machining process are adjusted, the shortcomings of cracking and damage are indeed solved, but at the same time, workers often find that there are problems of unstable welding and reduced welding strength. This is because the welding strength is serious and depends on the welding energy; if the welding energy is too small, the welding will not be stable. Therefore, when you encounter a problem, you must first carefully check the parameters and components of the machine, and then check the existing problems step by step, and find the cause to solve the damage problem.

3. Several other ways of collecting and arranging are only for reference

Choose a suitable ultrasonic time to prevent ultrasonic welding from gradually starting before pressing the product. Reduce the expansion rate of the ultrasonic fixture, use rubber gaskets for the bottom fixture, prevent fluctuations or gaps between the bottom fixture and the product, hollow out the upper fixture, and paste silicon-rich elastic raw materials, such as silica gel, fragile components and auxiliary materials. Gaskets that reduce energy transfer immediately. If the staff does not know how to deal with it, they can ask professional technicians, or ask Lingao Ultrasonic technicians to come to solve the problem.


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