How to solve the root cause of product breakage or damage during ultrasonic welding in Zhuhai?



To know how to solve the fracture or damage of the product during ultrasonic welding in Zhuhai, first analyze the cause of the fracture or damage, and then adjust and change it through targeted methods. Next, Lingao Ultrasound will take you to find out.

1. Why is the product broken or damaged during ultrasonic welding?

This is because the vibration energy of ultrasonic welding is very large, and at the same time, the vibration energy is transmitted to the weak positions of the plastic parts, such as ribs and struts, as well as electronic components, crystals and chip components fixed on the plastic parts, resulting in breakage and damage.


2. How to solve the fracture and damage of welding products?

1) Reduce the energy in the whole process of ultrasonic welding

2) Improve the compressive strength of plastic parts

3) Fragile components avoid the welding position

3.from the eight aspects of product design to prevent breakage and damage

1) Change the welding surface design and change the basic type to cutting type

Under the same basic parameters of ultrasonic equipment, fixtures and processing technology, the cutting interface is easier to weld and the welding strength is higher. That is to say, the cutting-type welding surface design will reduce the energy of ultrasonic welding, which can effectively prevent breakage and damage.

In many cases of ultrasonic welding products breaking, adjusting the main parameters, changing the fixture and adjusting the vibration amplitude failed to solve it. However, changing the welding surface to a cutting type solves the problem, and after changing to a cutting type, the welding strength is improved.


2) Proper ultrasonic wire design

In the previous article, the design of the fuse wire was analyzed in detail. The appropriate ultrasonic wire or fuse wire design is beneficial to reduce the energy during welding, such as triangular ultrasonic wire, and the wrong ultrasonic wire is wrong. Not good for welding.

3) Raw material selection, use amorphous plastic that is easier to weld

Unshaped plastics are easier to ultrasonically weld, have less welding energy, and are less prone to breakage and damage.

If semi-crystalline plastic is used and there are vulnerable components in the product, attention should be paid to the ultrasonic welding fastening method.

4) Thickening and filleting of weak parts of plastic parts

If the side wall of the weak part of the plastic part is too thin, the strength will be low; and the appearance of the bevel is very easy to form thermal stress, and the bevel should be changed to a round shape to prevent fracture during ultrasonic welding.


5) Prevent thermal stress of plastic parts

When plastic parts are injection molded, thermal stress is very easy to form, and the thermal stress is easy to break during ultrasonic welding. Therefore, the plastic parts should be prevented from thermal stress.

6) Short distance welding

Short-distance welding reduces the distance between the ultrasonic mold and the welding surface, which can reduce energy loss, thereby reducing the energy of ultrasonic welding.


7) Increase the contact area between the welding surface of the plastic part and the welding head

Increasing the contact area between the welding surface of the plastic part and the welding head is conducive to the energy transfer of ultrasonic welding, and at the same time can reduce the energy of ultrasonic welding. In the same way, in the direction of ultrasonic transmission, the structure to prevent cracks and deformation can also reduce the energy of ultrasonic welding.


8) Vulnerable components avoid ultrasonic welding

When there are electronic components, crystals or other vulnerable components in the plastic parts, avoid ultrasonic welding; or ultrasonic welding first, and then assemble the plastic parts.

How to solve the root cause of product breakage or damage during ultrasonic welding in Zhuhai?

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