Will "Qingyuan Ultrasonic Transducer" affect the matching with the circuit system?



The acoustic part of the detection ultrasonic system is the most important part of the system, including the ultrasonic channel, matching and circuit transducers. If the transducer is not matched to the circuitry, energy is clipped or reflected, and the transducer cannot receive maximum power.


Ultrasonic transducers are acoustoelectric exchange devices made of the pressure characteristics of pressure materials. There are many varieties, including piezoelectric composite material transducers, surface wave transducers, polymer PVDF transducers and pressure ceramic exchangers. Among them, the piezoelectric ceramic transducer is the earliest developed, and it is also the most widely used transducer type. The performance of the transducer greatly affects the overall performance of the detection ultrasonic system.

There are two main parameters that measure the performance of transducers in ultrasonic systems. One is the sensitivity of the transducer and the other is the bandwidth of the transducer. The sensitivity of the transducer depends on the vibration type, transducer material and mechanical system structure. The bandwidth of the transducer is the frequency bandwidth characteristic of the transducer, including power, sound pressure, impedance, sensitivity and other bandwidth characteristics that vary with frequency. To accommodate changes in transducer loading in ultrasonic applications, sensitive transducers require a certain bandwidth (3dB, 6dB or 10dB). For transducers applied to pulsed signals, a wide frequency band is required, which is called a wideband transducer. The pulse signal of the excitation is guaranteed to rise sharply, and the residual vibration is also short. The ultrasonic system for detecting the characteristics of the remains is particularly important. In order to make the transducer have higher sensitivity and wider bandwidth, it is necessary to design the matching circuit for the transducer.



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